A Kareem & Associates

Chartered Accountants & Advisors

The Origin

A Kareem & Associates is founded and established by Abdul Kareem Taher in year 2020 with a vision of providing simple, transparent and quality professional services.

A Kareem & Associates is able to deliver by being sensitive to needs of its client and yet not comprising on ethics, commitment and trustworthiness.

A Kareem & Associates (AKTCA)

is firm of chartered accountants registered with Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The firm has a team of qualified and motivated staff to offer professional and integrated services to business entities.

AKTCA believes in offering quality services to clients taking a holistic business approach and in depth business understanding with a focus on client-centric needs and business solutions.

AKTCA promotes simplicity and transparency in business transactions to have ease of doing business.

Objective and Values

AKTCA’s objective is to inspire, enable and empower people, creating culture, in an organization which is aimed at learning, continuous improvement, enhancing reputation and adding value to the organizations.

AKTCA strongly believes and promotes values of integrity, transparency, commitment, inspiration, motivation and service to all.

AKTCA believe transparency and integrity in service cannot be substituted and the firm is constantly thriving to deliver best and practical services. The firm thrived to be available, reliable and responsive to our clients’ needs and business requirements.


A Kareem & Associates is founded and established by Abdul Kareem Taher.

Abdul Kareem Taher is a graduate in commerce and fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He believes, promotes and practises continuous learning, business ethics and striving to achieve business environment of competitiveness, trust, compassion and integrity. He was associated as an audit manager with a reputed and experience firm of chartered accountants in Hyderabad for several years. During the tenure at firm, he independently led teams on assurance assignments and was involved in business advisory and corporate compliances.